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The company is owned by the community it serves through its membership.

Any individual can apply to become a member, subject to approval by the Board and payment of the current subscription rate (currently £1 per year), if they:

• live within the community
• work within the community
• are nominated by three existing members

Application for membership can be made at any time using the form given HERE

At the Annual General Meeting, members elect a Board of Directors who also act as Trustees for the Charity to undertake governance of the organisation at a day to day level and to lead and manage the executive team.

All Directors are unpaid volunteers and cannot receive remuneration, bonuses or dividends other than reasonable expenses incurred as part of their responsibilities. Directors must be members of the company and must remain so during their appointment.

The current Board comprises a cross section of community members together with other Directors appointed for their specialist knowledge and experience. All Directors must undergo a skills assessment prior to appointment and all appointments are made on an open and transparent basis.

The company at all times remains asset locked, which prevents any members or individuals from making any personal financial gain and prevents the business from being sold or transferred into private hands.

T: 0131 454 1500 | E:

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