McSence is an acronym for Mayfield Community Self-Employed Natural Collective Exercise and sums up the reason for its formation.

In the beginning       

Responding to the devastating effect of pit and factory closures in the Mayfield area in 1988, collections of £5 per week were sought from local traders.  The aim was to raise funds to help local people start a community business which would create local employment. Through fund-raising events and sponsorship, the first business, McSence Heatwise Ltd. was established. This business undertook draughtproofing and insulation work under the National Government Home Energy Efficiency Scheme and created the first local jobs in McSence.

From these humble beginnings, McSence has become highly regarded by both the public and private sector and is often consulted on issues relating to community benefits by both statutory, and voluntary bodies.


Since then, the group has grown substantially to include Care at Home, Cleaning Services Commercial Property Letting, Property Maintenance, Training and Conferencing. The Group operates as a Social Enterprise with each of these operating as a separate trading company.

Each of the trading companies is a stand-alone organisation with its own professional management team, tasked with returning profits to the McSence Group. At the end of each financial year, the profits accrued are gifted to the parent company, McSence Ltd which is a registered charity. McSence Ltd then uses these profits to reinvest in new business ventures, or alternatively to distribute money to the community in the form of grants. Various community voluntary groups have received support in this way, including all the local schools, many individuals and families.

Although McSence is focused on the delivery of professional services to clients, it continues to be a business run by the community, for the community.

The Board of Directors form a cross-section of the entire community and work on a voluntary basis without remuneration. Since the creation of the business, no fees or expenses have ever been claimed by any of the Directors.



McSence has a fundamental belief in the empowerment of under-privileged communities to help themselves to regenerate, by encouraging partnerships, self-help and increased public awareness.

It is sustained by the philosophy – “community businesses empower people”. The business must come first, because without a thriving sustainable company, the community cannot benefit.